newborn sessions

“I like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are.” ~Ellen Von Unwerth

It has certainly been the season of newborns in the studio and I could not be loving any minute of it more! Often even experienced moms come into the studio not knowing what to expect from their session. Whether you are a first time mommy, this is just your first newborn session, or you have had a frustrating experience with a newborn session before, no need to worry!

Not only new moms, but new babies seem to effortlessly light up the camera. Whether little ones are wide awake and captivated by my Nikon or blissfully snoozing through posing and clothing changes, each baby brings their uniqueness to the session. Unaware of angel kisses, dry new baby skin, or wrinkles that will fade in the upcoming weeks, new babies don’t care which angle I am shooting from, as long as they are warm, fed, and mom is nearby.

To prepare you a bit (and ease your mind!), here are a few things you can expect from your session…

It’s a lot less exciting than you might think…kind of like a newborn! 85% of your session is spent watching me (or helping if you’d like) soothe your little guy or gal into a sleepy, squishy pose. Only about 10% is actual picture taking! Once I get your newest addition snug and content, it’s all about capturing the tiniest details that are so fleeting! That other 5%? Diapers! A lot of diaper changing goes on in my studio. Don’t worry. You’ll have a perfect spot on my changing table to get your little one situated.

It’s. Hot. Don’t you love the perfect little tummy and tushy your precious new bundle is rocking? I’ll capture those with perfect poses and to do so I make sure the studio is nice and toasty including a personal cool-touch space heater positioned just for your budding supermodel.

You’ll get a chance to relax. Seriously! You just had a baby. You rocked labor like a champ and have learned very quickly to function on little to no sleep. You already deserve a break! Sit back in my studio, sip a water or seltzer, read a magazine, or log into Facebook to post all those sweet moments you’ve been dying to share but haven’t found the time to.

Don’t be shy to join the session. There is something so beautiful that seems to shine through the exhaustion and new adjustment of parenthood and glow in my lens. One of my favorite parts about newborn photography is capturing that parent baby connection that I’m not sure I would have appreciated as much as I do until I became a mom myself.

I am so grateful to the families that have given me, and continue to give me, the opportunity to share in these sweet moments. Don’t worry if baby is fussy or restless or needs to nurse, each and every newborn has a unique personality and I love working with all of them!


Enjoy, Stephanie

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